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Old phospho-quinine medical bottle. For "la grippe", colds, headaches, fever and "all malarial troubles". Still filled and still has its original cotton wadding. (from my personal collection)


Qmal Veda Syrup - Effective Anti malarial Ayurvedic Medicine Acute & Chronic fever and malaria including plasmodium vivax and plasmodium falciparum

Did you know that #FeverTree photosynthesizes through its bark? This tree is native to eastern and southern Africa and it tends to grow in swampy areas: early European settlers noted that malarial fever was contracted in


Willie Lincoln, Abe's third son.... was known to be his favorite because he had the same temperament as his father. At age 11, in 1862, he died from typhoid fever. Having lost a second son, Mary started her downward spiral into Crazytown.


City Hospital - KC's first hospital, which opened in 1870 on what later would become Hospital Hill. In the last decades of the century, KC began to address its medical ills. Sitting between 2 rivers, the city faced formidable health hazards. Its marshy bottomlands and sloughs, not to mention many stagnant pools left by heavy spring rains were breeding grounds for mosquitoes - and fevers. Yellow fever. Malarial fever. Typhoid fever. They topped the list of ailments at the hospital.


What once was Cromwell's Tomb in Westminster Abbey - Cromwell had ruled in such grandeur,there was uncertainty about whether he would be a new 'Moses or new monarch'. Many speculated he would soon be crowned king,but he died of malarial fever in September 1658 aged 59 and was interred in the Abbey in a fine ceremony modelled on the funeral of James I.He was buried in the same vault as his son-in-law,Henry Ireton,a signer of the death warrant of Charles I.