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10 Paw-sitively Purrfect Pet Halloween Costumes - Page 3 of 3

source: georgethecat/Instagram 7. Walter White Look! It’s Walter White! Or should I say Walter Whiskers? Or Whiskers White? If you loved Breaking Bad, and you want to dress your cat up like a meth-making science teacher, well, this guy’s got the right idea! Check out more looks from George The Cat on his Instagram page.Continue Reading...

Fuck It I'm making meth. "Breaking Bad" tv show. Hilarious.


We have to swipe our license to buy Sudafed so that our gov't can keep track of how much we buy in case we want to stock pile to make meth. But, if you exchange the word "bullets" for "Sudafed" and "go on a rampage" for "make meth" people get all frothy at the mouth about our freedoms. The same people who are for the voter ID laws are against gun registration?!? Can you say hypocrisy? Not advocating stripping anyone of their right to bear arms, but we are advocating responsible ownership


Hoonicorn 2.0. We boosted it - twice - then fed it meth. Methanol, that is. It’s WILD. See it making methmallows here: #twinturbo #AWD #hoonicornboostedonmeth #1400hp

Dammit, legalize marijuana! Marijuana is far less dangerous than alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs, cocaine, meth, etc. Make easy, small mints for safe pain relief or enjoyment!  MARIJUANA - Guide to Buying, Growing, Harvesting, and Making Medical Marijuana Oil and Delicious Candies to Treat Pain and Ailments by Mary Bendis, Second Edition. Just $2.99 for great e-book!

how to make breaking bad blue "meth"

how to make breaking bad blue "meth"


Extreme chemistry class… it's like AP chem all over again! Get twelve of the smartest kids in the school together, and what do they do? Beg the teacher every day to teach them how to make meth.

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Blue Crystal Meth Rock Candy for Breaking Bad

This recipe for edible "Blue Meth Rock Candy" is inspired by Breaking Bad. Make like Heisenberg and cook your own candy meth in your kitchen!

I love you Canada.