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Excellent tutorial for turning flare jeans into skinny jeans (in fact a lot of her tutorials are great). I use a different technique for hemming the pants.

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DIY Skinny Jeans From Flared Jeans, Step by Step Instructions (with pictures)

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A how-to for making skinny jeans from boot cut jeans. This blog also has other great tutorials worth looking at!:

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how to sew girls' skinny jeans from a leggings pattern

so cute! did you know it's super easy to make little girl's skinny jeans? All you need is a leggings pattern and this easy to follow sewing tutorial.

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Make Skinny Jeans

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I need to learn how to do this! I love all my jeans but they get to tight once I wash them yet the length still fits!

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*yah, I mastered this in like - 1986. :) ...... Boot cut jeans into skinny jeans:with your pants turned inside out, sew from the knee pin to the ankle pin at a nice even angle. Start sewing just barely off of the pants and gradually angle onto the pants. This will make a nice taper with no weird tucks or gathers at the knee.

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