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How to Make a Fake Tattoo With a Sharpie

Tattoos are a lifelong commitment, so if you are unsure about getting one, creating a temporary tattoo is a fun and easy way to test how well you will like the real thing. Temporary tattoos will last two to three days, or a shorter amount of time if you scrub them with soap and water. You can easily make a fake tattoo with a Sharpie pen and a few...

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Fake tattoo tilraunir….

DIY fake tattoo- wear a tattoo that you want for a while to make sure you actually like it! Going to try it out for the wrist one im wanting.

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Fake tatoo..VERY IMPORTANT! Make sure u spray the hairspray Farrr away so it doesn't run and distort the 'tatoo'. Let the sharpie dry first, then rub in a glob of powder...wait a few mins then spray from afar :-) & it really does work! least for a few days, haha...u just gotta freshen it up with sharpie every once in a while... don't think I'll ever need to get a real tatoo with my sharpie tatoo addiction ;)

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Make fake tattoos that last a few days to see if your like the design you want where you want it. Smart.

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Cosplay Tattoo tutorial by ~Magi-Axi-Ruin on deviantART

Make Fake Tattoos That Last A Few Days To See If Your Like The Design You Want Where You Want It. Smart.

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how to make fake tattoos.print the image or draw it onto paper. Trace it onto baking paper. Swipe deodorant onto your skin and press the baking paper onto it. The pencil will transfer onto skin. Colour into with markers

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