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Printable Word List for Poetry Magnet Craft

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Big Print Magnetic Poetry

Magnetic poetry is one of the coolest and simplest inventions. They even provide the words so that you could make your own. And they have all kinds of different versions from redneck to cat-lovers to artists ;)

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How to Make Your Own Poetry Magnets

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Collaborative Magnetic Poetry with Google Drawings (National Poetry Month)

Collaborative Magnetic Poetry with Google Drawings via #edtech #gafe #ELA

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Harry Potter Themed Refrigerator Word Magnets

Harry Potter fridge magnets, need I say more...yes I do...they also have LOTR, Star Wars and Star Treck...excellent

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Magnetic Poetry Kit -- you will need magnetic paper and a cookie sheet. Print out the word list, cut out the words, and start to create poetry!

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Magnetic Poetry Original Edition

Magnetic Poetry Original Edition by Magnetic Poetry - $18.95

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