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Uterine relaxants [aka Tocolytics] suppress preterm labor, which is defined as less than 37 weeks of gestation. These are the main meds used: It’s Not My Time!: 1- Magnesium Sulfate [treatment of choice] 2- Terbutaline [Brethine] 3- Nifedipine [Procardia] - CCB 4- Indomethacin - [NSAID]

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OB - Managing Severe Preeclampsia. NCLEX example: The nurse cares for an 8-lb, 8-oz newborn. The infant’s history indicates the mother was given magnesium sulfate IV 4 g in 250 mL D5W several hours before delivery. The nurse is MOST concerned if which of the following was observed? A: RR of 18. Rationale: Magnesium Sulfate can cause slowing of respirations and hyporeflexia of newborn. Normal newborn RR 30-60/min.

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Sufficient levels of magnesium can keep anxiety at bay. Signs of magnesium deficiency are all around you:

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Magnesium Bath Bombs for Sore Muscles

Magnesium Bath Bombs for Sore Muscles - These bath bombs are perfect for minor…

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Top 10 Magnesium Rich Foods Plus Proven Benefits

Top 10 Magnesium Foods Infographic Chart - Other foods that are also high in magnesium include: salmon, coriander, cashews, goat cheese and artichokes

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Hypocalcemia/ Tetany  decrease calcium level  normal value is 9.0 – 10.5 mg/100 ml Signs and Symptoms  tingling sensation  paresthesia  numbness  (+) Trousseau’s sign/ Carpopedal spasm  (+) Chvostek’s sign Complications  Arrhythmia  Seizures Nursing Management  Calcium Gluconate per IV slowly as ordered * Calcium Gluconate toxicity – results to SEIZURE Calcium gluconate is also the antidote for Magnesium Sulfate toxicity > [B.U.R.P] S/S …

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