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In Government, there are no "accidents". Only Plans that are executed or not executed. All the Money, Medicine, Food, Guns and Ammo that were an "accident"...were really planned support for ISIS, ISIL, HAMAS or whatever the terror group is calling itself today. They serve the same purpose: Kill anyone who does not follow their god. <little 'g' intentional.>


John McAfee's FOUR cyber security FACTS that blow apart 'fake news' lie that Russia hacked the US elections - Jan 9, 2017 -

Happy Repeal of the Volstead Act: Eighty years ago today, on Dec. 5 1933, the 18th Amendment was repealed, bringing national alcohol prohibition to an end.


This well suited man with a pistol in his hand that seems to be just been fired reminds me of Wolfshien. Who is a shady fella who has underground business connections.


Vincenzo "Vincent" "The Tiger" Terranova (May 1886 – May 8, 1922) was a gangster and an early Italian-American organized crime figure in the United States. He served as boss and underboss of the Morello crime family, today known as the Genovese crime family, the oldest of the Five Families in New York City. Terranova was born in Corleone, Sicily in 1886.[1] He was the first son of Bernardo Terranova, a member of the Mafia in Corleone, and his wife Angelina Piazza. Angelina had a son from a…


Desperately finding any reason why their terrible candidate lost.