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Dacey Mormont by elia-illustration. "Many of their sons had clamored for the honor of riding with the Young Wolf.... One of his companions was... Dacey Mormont... a lanky sixfooter who had been given a morningstar at an age when most girls were given dolls. Some of the other lords muttered about that, but Catelyn would not listen to their complaints. 'This is not about the honor of your houses,' she told them. 'This is about keeping my son alive and whole.'"

from Vikings Wiki


Na de dood van de vader van Yago werd hij geadopteerd door de beste vriend van zijn vader. Hij en zijn vrouw hebben een dochter genaamd Anna. Anna was de enigste persoon in het huis waarmee Yago kon praten en lachen. Ook is zij de enige met wie hij in het huis een goede band mee heeft. De pleeegouders van Yago hadden hem niet graag en lieten dat met veel plezier zien.


Dacey Mormont, Lady Maege's eldest daughter and heir to Bear Island, was a lanky six-footer who had been given a morningstar at an age when most girls were given dolls. "I have fought beside the Young Wolf in every battle, He has not lost one yet." Art: Craig J. Spearing


The shores of Bear Island are peppered with sea stacks. On top of these rocky outposts, Maege Mormont has stationed men to keep watch for intruders. || Resurrection Bay, Alaska


G. She doesn't know how to use a sword, but the expression captures her personality. And she might have a desperate moment where she tries to wield a weapon... it might look like this.