Madonna, in A League of Their Own - She was an A+ in this film.

Madonna, A League of Their Own. All time favorite movie!

I love all the fashion in this movie. "80's Punk" should live forever.

"Keep the faith, Tuesday 10 a., Battery Park, Gangway Shots of Maddy's punk fashion from "Desperately Seeking Susan.

Madonna Desperately Seeking Susan

Madonna Through The Years

One of my all time favourite films. Madonna is amazing in this film Madonna Desperately Seeking Susan

Who's that girl? 1987 Cheesy but I loved it, back in the day when it took YEARS!!! to come out on VHS! Lol xxx

Who's that girl 1987 Cheesy but still my all time favourite movie

On December 5 1996, The Making of Evita book was released.

On December 5 The Making of Evita book was released…