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Mackeral For Breakfast

Mackeral Patties- My mamaw used to make these for me for breakfast all the time. I sure do miss these!

from Inspired Taste - Easy Recipes for Home Cooks

Baked Pumpkin French Toast Breakfast Casserole

e learned that acidic foods can actually cause a cast iron pan (especially newer or unseasoned cast iron pans) to impart an iron/metallic flavor into the food. Because of this, we have decided to call for a 9-inch by 13-inch baking dish instead of a cast iron pan in the recipe.


Southern Fried Salmon Patties

Salmon patties are quick and easy. I got this recipe from my sons babysitter many years ago. My son is now 20 and we still eat these at least a few times a month. These are very moist when done.


An old fashioned colonial recipe, the recipe for kedgeree supposedly evolved from the Englishman’s love of kippers for breakfast, enlivened by the wonderful array of spices and rice available in India. A healthy, fast, and very cheap dish, I can’t believe we don’t see it touted more often by health food nuts or indeed frugal …

from BBC Good Food

Spiced mackerel on toast with beetroot salsa

Spiced mackerel on toast with beetroot salsa - Made that for lunch today.It was delicious!


Start your day right with this. Can't go wrong with Grace long tin mackeral and dumplings and bananas. Great all-rounder, whether breakfast, lunch or dinner.


The Goan-version of the popular croquette is inspired from our Portuguese heritage but there's also a touch of Indian-ness with the clever use of spices.