The Return of Mace Windu Ah yes! This is pure fan art, but i still have faith in Mace Windu... Heck if they can bring back Darth Maul ( my favorite Sith Lord ) they should be able to bring back MACE!

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Mace Windu - A master who sits on the Jedi Council and one of the central protagonists of the Prequel Trilogy, as well as the main character in Shatterpoint. Windu is regarded as one of the best swordmen in Jedi history. He served as Master of the Order in the years leading up to the Clone Wars and was a renowned Jedi General. He is thrown out of a window, apparently to his death, and three other Jedi are killed by Darth Sidious during their failed attempt to arrest him in Revenge of the…

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My lightsaber is the one that has "Bad Mother F@#ker" written on it. Mace Windu from the Star Wars Legacy Collection Geonosis Arena Showdown 12" high, acrylic on paper, saber in CS3 Thought I'd pos...

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