"Our two-year graduate program prepares and inspires leaders based on the belief that professional arts managers must be familiar with the social, economic, political, technical, and ethical contexts in which the arts flourish. We are dedicated to the principles of civic responsibility, environmental sustainability, international understanding, and cross-disciplinary education."

The Foreign Japanese Kitchen - Moé Takemura The Foreign Japanese Kitchen This cookbook is a result of Moé Takemura's MA degree project at Lund University. The book shows how you can cook Japanese food using locally-available ingredients in Sweden.

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Kayo Yokoyama A better link for this is: http://sydney.edu.au/sca/news/2011/postgraduate_degree_show_review.shtml

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MA Degree Show Catalogue - Kaja van Domburg

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Peta Bush has developed an idea that has long been needed -- attractive medicinal jewellery. She took the techniques of Eastern trigger point release therapy and adapted them to wearable art. Her jewellery is designed to put pressure on certain point of the body to help in pain & tension reduction without being clunky, ugly, or to utilitarian in aesthetic. her items are smooth, organic & attractive. (Sir John Cass School of Art Media and Design MA Degree Show 2010)

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