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By @metalhead_1 Longbow. The @accurateordnance M24-AO with @leupoldoptics scope, AAC Cyclone suppressor, and Atlas bipod at @otbfirearms. Designed specifically by request of a contracting firm to be used for counter terrorist sniper teams. Basically a modern version of an M24/M40 style sniper rifle.


Excellent condition Husqvarna Lahti semi-auto pistol with original holster, Swedish, World War II.


Love it!! I started shooting guns at 12. I even shot long rifle competitively all through my teens years. I never once wanted to shoot my peers. I'm 40, and still haven't shot anyone.


USMC Sniper in Ghillie Suit and a scoped M-40 Sniper Rifle with spotter. Definately want this on your side.


Afrika Korps 01 - M-35 steel helmet in desert camo02 - M-40 olive jacket with white markings (infantry) 03 - M-40 breeches 04 - M-40 shorts 05 - main belt and webbing 06 - brown leather ammo pouches 07 - Tropenhelm cork helmet with Heeres insignia 08 - M-24 grenade 09 - 7,92 mm ammo pack 10 - 7,92 mm Mauser 98k rifle 11 - Seitengewehr 84/98 bayonet 12 - breadbag 13 - brown bakelite canteen ("coconut") 14 - M-31 mess kit 15 - M-31 tent cloth 16 - tropical boots 17 - RAF…


The Tactical M-40, still Top Dog in regards to preferred tactical & precision rifles. It has progressed since the original wooden stocked rifles were fielded in Vietnam. The latest evolution of the M40 is the Chimera™- designed to survive by outperforming the competition. This action is one of the options in what could easily be described as one of the finest precision rifles in the world! Only the highest quality bench rest standard blanks are used to ensure perfection in precision…