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Melancholy Madness: This poem came up in my search and I thought it fit quite nicely with the play. Ophelia could be the speaker... her madness especially in the flower scene has a disturbing beauty. Also, Hamlet is a popular, handsome prince, loved by the people. He is though, tortured and unable to find peace. Something about the imagery of melancholy as beautiful and yet also destructive was apt.

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Jasmine, Rosewood, and Ylang-Ylang Soap

Jasmine, Rosewood, and Ylang-Ylang Soap Recipe (Use a lye calculator to determine how much lye and distilled water you’ll need.)

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This marvel is an indigo dyed cotton sashiko sakkuri or donza from Fukui Prefecture which is situated on the Sea of Japan

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Life Love & Locs Rhinestone Tshirt by TheNameArtist on Etsy, $29.99

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