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Got this one in upcoming Canal Island Project track "The Beacon" but love to feature it more! The Musician

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Theorbo -- Lynda Sayce with the theorbo. It has strings lengths of over 170cm and a massive 2 metre neck!

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Antique Harp Lute Guitar by Barry from England 1799. Sold by Edward Light. Fernando Sor was in England when these were played.

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"we are going to take lyre lessons apparently," Skye reported, glancing down at the daily planner. "Liar lessons? I don't think I need lessons in that." I told the group, watching only Skye's face crinkle into a smile. The rest stared at me blankly and then down at my book as if they wondered if I could read. "It's a joke," the Merida look alike spoke, rolling her eyes. They were the only two I could stand.

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English cittern, circa 1600. A stringed instrument dating from the Renaissance, descended from the Medieval citole, or citole. Its flat-back design was simpler and cheaper to construct than the lute. It was also easier to play, smaller, less delicate and more portable. Played by all classes, the cittern was a premier instrument of casual music making much as is the guitar today.

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High quality vintage art reproduction by Buyenlarge. One of many rare and wonderful images brought forward in time. I hope they bring you pleasure each and every time you look at them.

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