Lush for acne prone skin

13 of the Best LUSH Products to Use for Acne-prone Skin ...

LUSH Mask of Magnaminty - I'm obsessed with Lush products - they smell amazing!

Mask of Magnaminty : it’s actually a deep cleansing face and back mask. China clay and fresh peppermint reach deep down to pull the debris from your pores, giving you that delightful tingly-clean sensation.

Skincare Update! // LUSH Cosmetics - Manifest Yourself

Skincare Update! // LUSH Cosmetics

I am still a proud LUSH Cosmetics user. I posted about my experience when I first bought LUSH products…. Within 1 month of using …

Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel

Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel Smells Freakin' Amazing

dit is een van mijn favoriete winkels omdat ik de kleuren en geuren magisch vind. Je kunt hier allemaal bruisballen en andere lekker dingentje voor in bad

Lush Oxford Street Tour Highlights

Lush Rosy Cheeks Mask

Reviewed: Lush Rosy Cheeks Mask

Lush Rosy Cheeks Mask- the mask is amazing for who has sensitive skin like me :)

You so so many uses out of this fella! Turns the bath very pink and creates loads of bubbles.

The Comforter Bubble Bar from Lush- I love how this bubble bar turns your bath water a beautiful hot pink and with BUBBLES!

Christmas Lush Haul 2016 | Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub

Sugar plumb fairy lip scrub// in love with the lush lip scrubs// ESPECIALLY this time of year 😍😍

lush tea tree water is a saving grace for anyone suffering from oily and/or spotty skin

Tea Tree Water Toner water: Lush tea tree water is a saving grace for anyone suffering from oily and/or spotty skin.

Ocean Salt Cleanser | Cleansers | LUSH Cosmetics | Read reviews great for people with large pores, oily and combo skin, and mild acne {ALL ME} Must try!!!

In LOVE with this product! LUSH OCEAN SALT: face and body scrub. A vodka infused cocktail for bright, fresh skin. Coarse and fine sea salt scrub with organic lime juice to brighten and avocado butter to soften.