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#Infographic: 4 Most Common Triggers of a Lupus Flare. (If you live with lupus, join the social network for people like you: #lupus #lupusflare

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How Do You Recognize a Lupus Flare? Here is a list of 10 things that may help.

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Flare - RA Chicks, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Autoimmune Arthritis for

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8 Early Symptoms of a Flare Up You Might Not Recognize

We all know the hallmark signs that we are about to experience a flare up of our autoimmune symptoms. You can't ignore the debilitating fatigue, unusual rashes and fevers, or achy joints and muscl...

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what are lupus flares? i started a list then i realize the list goes on and on like forever and each one is different for each person.

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Know and understand when my Lupus is flaring and take it easy that day. Kick lupus into remission

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We all know that what we eat affects our health but did you know that there are foods that can make your lupus worse? Here are five foods that can trigger lupus flare-ups and make your symptoms wor…

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Are you having trouble concentrating, remembering things, or feeling detached or fuzzy? If so, you may have a cognitive dysfunction called “brain fog”.

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Good advice! :-) *Even when my flare day turns into a flare week :-( *

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Fibro/lupus flares are nasty....

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