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Ivory set of Luminara flameless candles on a fireplace look incredibly real! Did you realise they are artificial flickering flame candles? It is hard to believe!


Flickering Flame-less Candles- Ok we have established I am a dork, but I love these candles I just set a timer and they go on and off and I can put them in places I would never put an open flame. If you position them right you really can't tell that they are not "real".


These luminara candles are everything! It looks like its real flames but its not. You would need to get up close and personal before you notice that its not real. A+ I highly recommend.

from The Flameless Candle Shop

Luminara® Flameless Candle - 1" Diameter Classic Taper - Ivory Unscented

Please note: The is currently a pre-sale item! It will be at after you place an order before the item will be available to be shipped. Orders a

Luminara Flameless Flicker Candle-These are the most amazing flameless candles. They smell, feel, and look just like real candles. The timer feature is amazing too! A little pricey but well worth the money.