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Bagels smeared with cream cheese, then piled high with lox, capers, onions and cucumbers

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A toasted bagel with rich cream cheese, lox, crisp red onions, juicy tomato and briny capers

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13 Insanely Addictive Party Toasts for the Holidays

Top toasted or fresh baguette slices with cream cheese, thinly sliced smoked salmon, and fresh dill for everything you love about a bagel with lox.

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Cream Cheese and Lox Dip

Cream cheese and lox on a bagel is transformed into a delicious dip for an easy appetizer. Perfect for brunch or Passover!

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Homemade Lox at 1/4 the Cost

I've been making homemade lox (technically gravlax, because I cure them only in salt and sugar, rather than curing them and cold smoking them like nov...

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A variety of mini bagels, cream cheeses, fresh dill, cucumbers, capers, and red onion slivers.

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Lox and Fixings Dip

Lox and Fixing Spread - All the components of bagel and lox in one easy spread!

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