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Facts and benefits of lowline cattle; Lowline Angus Cattle, Miniature Cattle - SW Missouri Cattle - 4R Farms

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Gestation Table for Cattle! It's still a good estimate, even though a Lowline's gestation period is only 270 days.

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Lowline Cattle owner experiences, tips, stories, photos, videos. Owners share the good, the bad, and the edible about Lowline Cattle.

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Lowline cattle are a breed of small, polled beef cattle, developed by breeders in Australia from black Aberdeen Angus cattle. Lowlines may appear to be, but are not, dwarfs. The cattle were specifically selected for these genetic traits. Lowlines are roughly 100 cm (three and a half feet) tall & weigh up to 600 kilograms (1300 lbs). They are black in color & naturally polled. They are claimed to be very docile. They are noted for their easy calving ability, with calves weighing 55 lbs.

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Hawaii Lowline Cattle Is Animal Welfare Approved -West Hawaii Today -