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Lowes Hours

Kitchen Source List & Budget Breakdown

First off—I want to thank you all so much for the overwhelmingly kind responses on our Kitchen Reveal last week. We put so much time and energy into this room and we’re like proud parents, so…

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Cinder Block Fire Pit for just $40 28 cinder block caps (fire resistant) Small bag of mortar 2 bags of lava rock! Wa-la! :) All purchased from lowes. Took about 3 hours total ( would have been faster but our ground wasn't level)

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Herb circle A. Chives B. Tarragon C. Parsley D. Fennel E. Sweet Marjoram F. Southernwood G. Artemisia H. English lavender I. Santolina J. Mint K. Oregano L. Dill M. Borage N. Summer savory O. Sage P. Lemon verbena Q. Spike lavender R. Sweet basil S. Thyme T. Rosemary U. Peppermint-scented geranium

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Hiroshi, another Orangutan Orphan (Lowe's ought to do better with SE Asian forests. Home Depot does.)

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City of Tampa

Tampa, Fl baby photographer. Fresh 48 sessions are done @ the hospital during the first 48 hours. Your baby is only itty bitty once... let me document all those tiny details for you.

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If you’ve got a garage, shed, or even a house with bare ground nearby, you may be missing an opportunity. Structures create an instant backdrop, breaking the line of sight so that the eye concentrates on the garden, not something in the distance. They also provide a microclimate: deflecting wind and providing a few hours of shade, depending on their orientation. Here are 4 different ideas for filling that empty space.

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Daisy Lowe puts on a brave face after getting the boot from Strictly

Down and out? A 'heartbroken' Daisy Lowe found herself putting on a brave face as she head...

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