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Saskia de Brauw & Kate by Boris Ovini for Exhibition #1, beauty, beautiful, bella, belleza, bello, bonita, bonito, people, gente, female, femenino, feminine, women, mujeres, woman, womanly, mujer, fashion, moda, trendy, B, black & white, black and white, blanco y negro, art, arte, photography, fotografia, fotografias, photograph, beauty photography, fotografia de belleza


I like this photo because the strong emotion of hope that has been portrayed. I also like the way the light has created half of her face to be blacked out with shadows.

from Discover Digital Photography

Low Key Photography Tips

Tips for taking low key photos where the overall tone of the image is very dark, with just a small area highlighted. This can create a very moody and dramatic image. Written by Discover Digital Photography September 28th, 2014.


Low Key Lighting is a lot of fun and creates portraits with great visual impact. Here’s a great example by AP Photographie. The image was taken with a Canon 5D Mark II + Canon 85mm f/1.8 (ISO100 – f/10 – 1/160e) The Light was a Elinchrom D-Lite RX4 / Rotalux 135cm. Read more about Low …

from Etsy

Granny Smith Apple, Still Life, Modern, Macro Photography, Fruit, Still Life Photography

The image is very effective in how the apple isnt centered on the page but it appears that way due to lighting. The image is very clear and sharp in seeing all the water droplets that are on the top of the apple