My Mother read this to me as a teenager

I'm so thankful that my mom and dad loved me this much and in doing so they taught me how to love and parent Grant. God blessed me with the best parents anyone could ever hope for.

On the darkest days....and I straighten my crown✌

On the darkest days.

On my darkest days and I feel lonely or sad I straighten my crown and tell my self who's daughter I am it doesn't matter what others think or say but I know that I'm gods eyes I am loved and I am his princess 💜

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2 years ago today, my favorite person in the world left this earth. It will never be the same without you, dad. Missing my daddy dearly.

❤️❤️ 2017-- I'm going to find you again.

until we're together again my precious Kay! I'll always be sorry you didn't get the chance to live a full life, so unfair! I love you mostest, always and forever ♡

Beautiful verse.

Life doesn't just "go on". For the completely absorbed in grief the only aspect of life "going on" is the breathing part. I sit with my dad everyday cause i have his chair. love ya and miss ya dad

We talk about u always..keeping your memory alive..we love you dear dad xx

God called your name so gently that only you could hear. No one heard the footsteps of the Angel drawing near.softly from the shadows, there came a gentle call, you closed your eyes and went to quietly left us all.

I have never stopped #loving you but I have learned to #live without you in my #life.@Pascale Lemay Lemay Lemay Lemay De Groof ❤

You never stop loving someone, you just learn to live without them.( And even that is almost impossible to do.RIP Dad Mom and our Daughter, Jennifer I'm so lost)

To my Mom who is watching us from above each day. I still miss you and Love you so very much!

"I have an angel watching over me and I call her Mom." My Mom, my Angel since

Miss you and love you my son till my last breath... R. I. P. Alexander

Miss you and love you my son till my last breath. So true Logan

Some days I still think this can't be true... I want you back... I miss you so much...I love

Sad Love Quotes for Him. See now I'm sad again I do miss someone but , she didn't belong to me n I loved her so much that is the truth 😢

and even more when you're in the field and I can't text you and you don't have signal when you have to go on training exercises.

Happy 16 weeks in Heaven today, Dad. I miss you every single moment.

I love you dad and miss you so much. There are lots of things I have to tell you. We will meet again in the clouds.

Brother i do miss you very much.So much my heart aches constantly & it is killing me bc i can't imagine living the rest of my life without u in it