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I was told the other day I was making up the theory of a love triangle. It's all about the one person. I left no one person is that special.

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Kristen Stewart's 'Twilight' Love Triangle Quote Could Maybe Have a Double Meaning

After going through a big, dramatic real-life love triangle scandal over the summer, is Kristen Stewart finding new meaning in her Twilight material? She's been on the road promoting Breaking Dawn, ...


Love Triangle. "I can stand him not loving me—I can't stand him loving her."—Lang Leav


This was obviously created more in jest, but I love the idea of using the geometric properties of polygons to explore the emotional nuances of various relationship configurations. The equilateral love triangle compared to the isosceles love triangle is great. I think the other one should technically be an “obtuse love triangle,” though, and only right triangles have hypotenuses.


Pizza Quotes About Food Love | We've all been in that situation. There are three people that all love each other, or love one of the other person in the deadly triangle of love. If you are in a love triangle right now, I can give you some advice. Get in your car, get some pizza and don't worry about other people. After all, pizza is the only love triangle worth it.


The best love triangle. Type by @ta.len.ta - #typegang - |


First Trailers of “Valid Love” Hint At Love Triangle of Uhm Tae Woong, Lee Si Young, and Lee Soo Hyuk

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Who Would You Actually Have Chosen If You Were In The Middle Of These Love Triangles?

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