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izumi sena | 1k my edits love stage love stage!! queue: probably sleeping ichijou ...

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J'en ai entendu parler dans un Animeland, ça a l'air super cool!!! J'aimerais…

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Love Stage!! Episode 6 Ryouma take me! I'm a girl that looks like a boy so if the reverse of Izumi works out OK....

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Love Stage!! ~~ Poor Rei. The stress is going to kill him. Quick, somebody call Shougo!!!

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Love Stage!! ~~ Bad seme! Don't bully your uke, Ryouma. Granted, Izumi IS utterly irresistible this way.... Oh, never mind.

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gasaisyuno: “fandom graphic meme: mokacheer asked ⤖ love stage + most attractive character ↳ izumi sena ”

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Love Stage!!-Izumi in his Ryouma shirt ordering all the Ryouma things because he loves him. God this ship is beautifullll

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