Love Poems - Romantic Poetry - Staring Into the Sun poem by John Mark Green - Romance - Quotes #johnmarkgreen

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Hold on tight to her, I promise you will never regret it! He will love you as no other has loved you before or ever will again!

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But to be completely make me forget everything except for what's right in front of me

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I love it when I am literally drowning in sensation, scent, touch. It is the most intimate thing to just breathe them in... #provestra

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Red Salt can be used in Spell work that involves, Love, Romance, Passion, Sex drive, Lust for life. Used in Spell work with Black Salt, can return a Spell to sender. Place around the bed, can spice up your sex life. carry in a sachet, it will help keep love strong. How to make~ In a Mortar and Pestle, blend together Sea Salt, and Paprika or Cayenne Pepper, and red food coloring if you choose. Place intent energies into the blend, of what it is you will be using the Salt for.

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This is still the way it is when we its the first always take my breath away and I fall into you.....I know that this is the way it will always be for us. We truly enjoy the passion of kissing!

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