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Бувай! Може, десь в минулому житті, Згадай, коли будеш біля мене йти... Стривай, залиши мені останню мить, Тримай і нехай ніколи не болить... Знову сумую уві сні... Давай, як завжди в наступному житті! © Брюссель "Пробач мені"

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This Couple's Pillow Fight Photo Shoot is Fun, Flirty, and Full of Feathers

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This is Happening: My Life List

I got photography on my mind all day long.... Photos photos photos.... Yepyepyepyep.....

"Eu a abraço, por dois motivos. Primeiro: sei que é o que ela precisa. Ela está em estado de choque. Segundo: esta é a minha área. Conheço muitos caras q estão na festa. E aqui funciona assim: ou você marca a garota como sua, ou alguém vai catar". (Rafael - Cap. 12 - As Batidas Perdidas do Coração).

"So? What do you think? Hawk was right about having a summer home, huh?" "It's beautiful, Beau. So much light." "..." "Darling?" "I was just thinking...Hawk is right down the road. Charles is a couple hours away, and Mulcahy is moving to the next town over next month." "Yes?" "I just...I can't believe my luck. I have a beautiful wife and child, and my sister and niece are well taken care of." "Kiss me." "Don't have to tell me twice."

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40 Inspiring Love Pictures

Am I the only one who noticed when two people are about to kiss it creates this less than perfect heart shaped image? I think it is one of God's amazing pieces of art that is part of us. That when two people are in love, their relationship is far from perfect but they still love each other. So I might over think things, but I've always thought this since I was a child watching Disney and Sound of Music and other movies, anyone else notice this?

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- Don't let me go? Please don't break my heart, please don't tell me there's nothing more after this? Please hold on to me and don't ever let me go -