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If love to hear your good news but... I've been thinking and trying to make a decision... you keep taking to me like everything is okay and it's not okay... I told you I need to make a decision and you just keep talking to me and i just keep talking to you... this is just making it harder

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Fucking Sigh ❤️... I hope one day, she will be the ending to a very long book. One with passion, lust, Love, where she will always come first, and where she will be on a pedistal for me to cherish...

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WEBSTA @ marvetbritto - #SundayGems: learned to accept........ #Faith #Word #Peace

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Very true. Feels good to be back in the light❤️ My dearest Squig. A beacon of light for me in this daunting world.

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When we first started talking. I honestly didn't want to get involved with anyone. Heck, I never saw it coming. But you were the absolute best to me, and you were so easy to talk to. Little by little, I found myself falling even harder for you.

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