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Found my childhood BFF online - sent her a letter, and we have been corresponding by mail for some time now. It's been lovely. So much fun to get "good mail" in the mailbox! ~~ Houston Foodlovers Book Club

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Isn't it the tragic truth??if she wants his happiness..then she has to makehim forget her..don't let him see that she still loves..

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The Scarlet Letter (Novel Book): It is about a woman in puritan times who has an affair. She is punished by wearing an A on her clothing. The man is not publicly punished, and it goes through her story. I would like to read this because it is a classic. I also would like to read it because of the women rights issues displayed in this book.

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This Is The Best Advice To A Homophobic Parent That's Ever Been Given

On Monday, she published a letter from a parent who’s concerned that his or her son “will not stop being gay.” Her response is perfect. | This Is The Best Advice To A Homophobic Parent That's Ever Been Given

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I'm so in love with this #biblejournaling page I finished in a bible I sent to a friend, I pray that she finds comfort and peace in this verse and the scriptures! I can't lie, I was sad to say goodbye to this beautiful page! But I truly believe that God used my hands to create this lovely reminder to a lovely beautiful woman. It was such a blessing to ME to be able to provide her a new bible and a little artwork too. #biblelettering #joyfulwordart #watercolor #painting #lettering…

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the way to painted her hair with stardust. Poem love poem original poetry typography by EyeCandyPictures, $10.00

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Love letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira Laurel falls into an english assignment deeper than she could've imagined. The task: write a letter to someone who is dead. She researches each recipient (Earhart, Cobain, Garland, Phoenix, Morrison, Joplin, Winehouse) and the letters become a way for her to cope with her emotions and to cope too, with what happened to her older sister.

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theherondaleboys: fouriamdauntless: Will’s letter to Tessa ‘I would have chosen death for a chance to tell you the truth, Tessa, if I could have been assured that death would be my own.’ I love everything about this letter, but that line…that line is my favourite because it says everything about why he is the most wonderful, selfless character to exist in either series. The whole letter is flawless, but that is the line that breaks my heart because it says everything.

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