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Mamma Mia Parties by Danice @MMbyDanice

from Etsy

Loving Kiss - Fine Art Print of my Original Charcoal & Pastel Illustration...22cm x stock now

Aimant baiser - création originale de charbon de bois & Pastel...Format A4 par juliesimages sur Etsy


feline | black & white | cat | love | kiss | friend | furry friend | pet | kitten | photography, true love


Imagen de love, kiss, and couple


“I’m not nothing, I was never nothing! The power you have I don't need!" #ouat


Sin mediar palabra volvió a besarla, pero esta vez no fue tierno, esta vez la besó con pasión.


Love | Kiss | Couple | Paris | Travel | Together forever | Cute | Romance


Learn how your needs are different from your love's needs and how you can satisfy them without undermining yours. Though our needs may always be completely different, we'll always need each other

Sleeping Beauty "From this slumber she shall wake when true love's kiss, the spell, shall break