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1960 Lotus Elite and Seven Advertising Sports Car Illustrated July 1960

from Hemmings Motor News

Driving Impression: 1960 Lotus Elite

Burke in 1941 while serving as Secretary-Treasurer of the Western Timing Association

from Hemmings Motor News

Hemmings Find of the Day – 1960 Lotus Elite

What a fun car...lightweight, nimble and fast for its' engine size. Typical Colin Chapman creation. 1960 Lotus Elite.

from the marquis

1976 Lotus Elite.

1976 Lotus Elite. | the marquis

1000 Km Nürburgring, 1964: The field is stunning in its range. Ferrari 250 GTOs(#75,76, + several others, including two series 2s), varied Abarths(19, 7 etc), a Lotus Elite(15, 17), a Lotus 26R(30), a Marcos(117), Diva GT(113), TVR(61), Porsche 356s, 904s, an Alfa Romeo Sprint Zagato Long-Tail(with door open), Tubolare Zagato, several Lenham bodied MGs, what I think is a Lister(136), and and a Glas GT?(18). 122 is unknown to me. The car obscured by the Marcos may be a Matra-Bonnet Aerojet.