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45 Comforting Love Quotes For the Recently Separated

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How to Find Yourself After Getting Lost in Love #love #findingyourself

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I've found my way back to me. I lost myself for so long because of you, I'd truly appreciate if you'd stop popping your head into my life because it takes me back to that lonely miserable girl and I'm way more than that now. I deserve the peace that is not having you in my life ever again.

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Somehow... I don't even know how cause you coldly turned your back and shut me out without a word I lost you..I lost you and in losing you, I lost myself. My life has changed. I am broken. And I don't even care to try and fix myself.

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I fell in love with our conversations. I got lost in their depth, I fell for his notions. And the way he spoke of things he held dear. He was a galaxy I was eager to explore. He was a living price of art. For he made me feel.

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