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When you lose a best friend, it's worse than breaking up with a boyfriend. Because you lose more than a heart, you lose a little bit of yourself

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This is the hardest part about losing your best friend/wife. It's not having to be independent, or taking care of the house, or the sex. It's this. I just wanna talk to her. Just a fun conversation. All day. Every day.

Who ever thought that me asking if you missed me would result in an argument that lead to the end of our friendship? Not me. I miss you and I need you in my life. :(

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20 Confessions About Falling In Love With Your Best Friend

So true.....and losing him is the worst feeling words can describe how I feel. Being able to finally admit it to myself and then losing him hours later....fucking sucks.

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I'm still in love with my ex husband and would do anything for him but he would not do anything for me? - Google Search

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As The Years Past On And The Younger I Am Getting...I Have Learned It Doesn't Mean Your Friends Also Grow Along With Me. Behave As Acceptable I Expected Or Have The Parallel Principals, Morals, Values And Wisdom As We Grow To Know As We Grow Through Our Seasons For Some People Just Never Grow Up! IN THE END--I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD NEED TO DROP MY FRIENDS LIKE FLIES FOR WE ARE NO LONGER COMPATIBLE!!

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