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Read as a letter to yourself <3 // The way you give love, the way you feel love, you deserve love // #selflove

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I think in one way or another I will never lose hope. #SamuelDeckerThompson @ADudeWritingPoetry

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God’s Plan

Dear God, If today I lose my hope, please remind me that your plans are better than my dream... perfect for today!

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When life gets too heavy, give it to the Lord. Be frank and tell Jesus it's more than you can handle.

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''I just want to feel safe with not always be wondering how he feels about me, to not always be waiting for him to walk away, to not always be wishing that he'd love me back.I need to be able to trust that a man is there fro me for the right reasons, because he cares enough to be there.'' source: Somewhere Over The Rainbow

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Why My Tears Start To Fall quotes quote sad quotes depression quotes sad life quotes quotes about depression

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