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Our First Child -

This can fit so many scenarios: miscarriage, losing a child, a child leaving...Good to remember how people feel in these situations, like part of them is gone too. Also we love the brochure "When Someone You Love Dies" at (online) :so comforting + helpful for people of all religions as well as those supporting others undergoing grief.

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Losing a child is the most painful experience a mother can endure. To all the mom's whose child has died... 11/7/85 - 6/23/14 yes it is it's like a hole thru your soul it's the worst pain I have ever felt and every day I wake it's like losing him all over again momma misses you so Scootie Dennis Ray 7/22/1986 - 3/24/2015 I Love You always

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Losing one of my best firnd, sweetest babies, reasons for joy... all at the same time My heart is shattering- the price of love- please don't stay for me- i will love u forever

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The pain of losing a child in any moment of her life is beyond words, but there is the hope you will see her again.

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This includes women who have suffered miscarriages. Losing a child is losing a child, it is no different. And anyone who would judge you or disagree is a soulless individual. If you have never experienced it, there is no room for your opinion.

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Oh my how this is true...our ramblin' man. Sometimes I look at your face in a picture & remember my little brother is really gone and it's like I lose my breath & my heart shatters all over again. I miss you...I love you.

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Perfect words to live by when you lose a child. Mommy loves you my little Audra

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