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Damn that's the truth, some relationships will never be the same no matter how hard you try.


As The Years Past On And The Younger I Am Getting...I Have Learned It Doesn't Mean Your Friends Also Grow Along With Me. Behave As Acceptable I Expected Or Have The Parallel Principals, Morals, Values And Wisdom As We Grow To Know As We Grow Through Our Seasons For Some People Just Never Grow Up! IN THE END--I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD NEED TO DROP MY FRIENDS LIKE FLIES FOR WE ARE NO LONGER COMPATIBLE!!


Embrace Your Inner Fantasy… No turning back !! Everyone should true love !! Find the one and never let them go .


You don't lose friends, because real friends can never be lost. You lose people masquerading as friends, and you're better for it.


Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes! Thankfully I have some pretty kick ass friends who both give AND take.. but I'm done with so many of the others..!


I'm afraid to lose my best friend who cuts, starves herself, and believes that she is not perfect. She means a lot to me. And yes that is my worst fear, to lose her. To think that she would take her own life because of what people thought or what she believed herself to be. Which was not the truth. Im scares how you facing other worlds,because in the worlds lot of pokerface scares because i cant be your protection.All my beautiful friends who are struggling, stay strong.