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Looser meaning

love the curiosity of the child whilst the adult tries to shield himself from something out of the ordinary.

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Opera Neon wants to light up the future of web browsing Read more Technology News Here --> What will the web browser of the future look like? Microsoft has tried to make a raft of changes with its Edge browser that comes with Windows 10 but Opera has taken innovation to a different level with its new browser: Neon. Neon is classed as a concept browser built with the same Blink engine as the standard Opera browser but with a totally different look and a host…

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Get on losers…

So I realize mob rule ain't the way to go and I know all about the doctrine of interposition and the differences between the American and French Revolutions...but...could Enjo and Marius like, show up in Washington D.C. or SOMETHING?! Please?!?! Like, could they lead a Tea Party? PLEASE?! Because I can't take much more of these "swells who run this show!" coughboehnercoughcough

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