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Loofah costume.Super easy only needed 20 yards of thick tulle and a box of safety pins.Cut the tulle into 2 foot squares (keeping the tulle doubled like it comes.) Fold the 4 corners together,pin it. Then pin to a dress or whatever you want to use under it & fluff!Buy a cord/rope that resembles a real loofah one 1 yard was all i needed Very easy & I was able to pin all of mine but 1 myself!It cost me less than $20 thanks to Hobby Lobbys 40% off coupon!If we had more time he would have been…


Sexy (and Easy!) Loofah Costume for the Ladies

For me, Halloween is a time to let loose and have some fun and what better way then to become a bath toy! I was a self made loofah for Halloween and the re