One day Im actually going to do this haha

Side braids are always a good idea. I love that they can give a girly, feminine touch to any outfit. I love the all-black ensemble that gives off the whole “tough girl” vibe. The braid completes the whole look! It gives the outfit a softer touch and.

thinking about cutting my hair like this again.. But I want my hair long too..

Looks like my hair ^.^ the colors anyway xD thinking about cutting it like this again. But I want my hair long too.

16 Side-Braid Hairstyles: Pretty Long Hair Ideas

16 Side-Braid Hairstyles: Pretty Long Hair Ideas

We're loving Jessica Alba's faux-undercut! A tight side braid looks similar but doesn't require the commitment.

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30 Amazing Braided Hairstyles for Medium & Long Hair - Delightful Braids

I had a dream last night that I was driving out of a snowy parking lot and I almost hit Richard Mannah. Isn't it weird how you can have a dream about someone you've talked to literally twice in your whole life? sorry for almost killing you Richard.

Love the part where the bright purple fades all the way to the ends.

DIY Hair: 10 Ways to Dye Colorful Hair

deep purple to blue to turquoise to green ombre hair dye. I LOVE THIS