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Why is she a strong girl? Because she walks around every day on the verge of tears....

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Sometimes you just want to be found, because you are tired of being lost.

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"The Lonely Girl" Graphite Pencil Drawing by Jacqui Belcher

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#illustration #draw Zachary Johnson

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Are you happy? I honestly couldn't even tell you what happiness feels like anymore.

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But I like that about me

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ALONE QUOTES SAD image quotes at

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It's possible to be lonely in a crowd.

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I feel this way all the time. The sadness consumes me. I just want a guy to love me because all the guys I have my heart to never let me have theirs and hurt me. :( I just wanna be loved and not be a lonely girl anymore! :( I know not many people will care about this; but if you're one of the few people that do care and don't like it when someone's upset; re-pin this and make my day! :)

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Amen Listen to thousands of audiobooks about love at

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