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Loki GIF Prepare yourselves. (Again!) HOW HAVE I NOT ALREADY PINNED THIS?!

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Happy Lokiday!!!!! (Glad Lørdag!!!!!) We've explored the possibility (we, here, at The Daily Loki, would argue the LIKELIHOOD) that Laugardagr, the Norse name for the day commonly referred to as Saturday (modern Danish: Lørdag), was actually the day of the week dedicated to Loki. Today we will explore the possibility that the name Saturday may have had associations with Loki as well. Look at the other pins on this board for more information.

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His raw emotion in this scene makes ME want to cry. It really shows that he's not all bad. People hate him because he's the God of Mischief. But he's not completely like that.

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This sweet, innocent Loki is painfully gorgeous.. (can't stop watching...)

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Adopted By The Avengers (XReader) - 38 - Graduation party

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I love how he's emotionlessly turning around before the sword is at his throat

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Loki *gif* I saw him doing this in theaters, and I just sat there like "I do that when I'm bored too..."

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HiddlesGoddesses on

((Closed)) "I would NEVER even- wait… what did you say about a Dilly Bar?" Loki asked his attention suddenly being drawn to the insufferable Rosalie Dodger.

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The way he looks at Thor... like he can't believe his brother isn't pounding him to a pulp right now... Oh Loki, why can't you see how loved you are???

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That smile! ♥ < Do my ears deceive me or did I hear half of the world sigh?

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