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It's not just about shopping when you think of "living local". You can benefit by choosing independents by supporting small restaurants and service companies. We have an awesome mechanic that's been caring for our vehicles for almost 20 years....we go out of our way to the same dry-cleaning business even when they moved because they are worth it....and I always order flowers from a family-owned florist. ‪#‎chooselocal‬ ‪#independentbusinessesrock


“The universe seems to like talking to itself faster than the speed of light,” said Steinberg. “I could understand a universe where nothing can go faster than light, but a universe where the internal workings operate faster than light, and yet we’re forbidden from ever making use of that at the macroscopic level — it’s very hard to understand.”


A sign at the local mechanic…

A sign at a local mechanic. Shit, I've got the Clank-Thud-Klank but I don't have 325 bucks to spare...


Isle of Man race winner Graeme Crosby might be retired, but hes as busy as ever. Hes set up a bike building operation called New Generation Classics, and with the help of an ex-Britten mechanic, hes turning out some very interesting resto-modslike this 1974 Kawasaki Z1A built for a local enthusiast.


The Geometry and Probability of Time within Quantum Mechanics


We bought our son a car for his 18th birthday! It was not bomb it was safe and reliable and we had it checked out thoroughly by the local mechanic. You need to know the way to minimize the prices you pay to achieve cheaper car insurance for young drivers.