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Getting your business more visibility on search engine has become a priority in this age. After all, most of our requirements are channeled through a Google sea

from BBC News

Google launches wi-fi network in Kampala, Uganda

The company is making the broadband wireless network available to local internet providers, who will then charge customers for access. The web giant says the network is now live in 120 key locations in Kampala. Official statistics show Uganda has about 8.5 million internet users, making up 23% of the population.

Facebook gears up for Express Wifi launch in India Read more Technology News Here --> Less than a year after its grand attempt to connect much of India to the internet was shot down by the government Facebook has confirmed that its new program to bring connecting to people is live in the nation. Facebook's Express Wifi is now available in India according to its website months after the company first began testing the program in remote parts of the country…

Social network LinkedIn will be blocked in Russia, after a court found the company guilty of violating local data storage laws. Russia's communications regulator Roskomnadzor said LinkedIn would be unavailable in the country within 24 hours. Some internet providers have already cut access to the site, which has more than six million membe

Encryption isn't an option it's a necessity Read more Technology News Here --> From government-backed monitoring initiatives to advanced malware attacks orchestrated by criminal organisations the need to keep your online activity secure and private has never been so high regardless of whether youre on your smartphone tablet or PC. And encryption is the key to that. Recent examples such as DDoS attacks using the Mirai Botnet the UK IP Bill (commonly known as…

UNAVCO Field Engineer Tom Lyman dials in a new radio link at P676, just west of Yellowstone. (Photo/Tim Dittman, UNAVCO). Collecting continuous GNSS data requires enormous investments in planning, hardware, and physical effort. Getting those data back to a central repository for distribution as quickly and reliably as possible presents even more challenges. Strategies range from cellular modems to satellite communications, and from local internet providers to multipoint radio networks…

Tor provides the foundation for a range of applications that allow organizations and individuals to share information over public networks without compromising their privacy. Individuals use Tor to keep websites from tracking them and their family members, or to connect to news sites, instant messaging services, or the like when these are blocked by their local Internet providers.