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The era of unrealistic expectations is upon us with more and more clients coming in demanding the desired look of a Photoshopped image they find on Pinterest. Salon professionals see this fairly often and the vast majority of consumers are none the wiser. There is no warning label on the back of those drug-store hair color boxes explaining that an unplanned trip to your local hairdresser may ironically be in your future. We’ve seen how bad it can get out there...


Our local community board. Using an old car mat and photographs from where the children visit over the year at pre-school such as the post office, tea room, doctors, dentist, hairdressers, shop, etc. EYFS Links: Understanding The World


Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse


Bantu // IG: bantuapp ✨ Find local hairdressers for kinky, coily & curly hair! ✨ CLICK HERE for more black-owned businesses!


Kilkenny, Ireland - 6/06 - Small town in Ireland where my ancestors are from; great bar "Paris Texas" with fun local hairdressers.


Advert for local hairdressing salon More

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Cardiff hairdresser celebrates 25 years and an ever-changing range of styles

Errol Willy celebrates 25 years as a Cardiff hairdresser - Wales ...

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Why You Should Support Your Local Hairdresser

They're everyday superheroes who need your support.

Cowards Bend the Knee (2003) | | Story of Guy Maddin, hockey player for the Maroons, and son of a local hairdresser/abortion doctor. Guy tries to overcome his own cowardice (and multiple head-knocks) as he navigates through a dream-like Winnipeg.


Ad No. 5 - Help When You Need It In the commercial recommended today, an uncle is supposed to bring his niece to the hairdresser today but decides to try cutting her hair himself. The result is disastrous and then his sister arrives. So, he quickly searches Yellow Pages for a local hairdresser's number and explains the situation. Watch what happens next for a truly laugh-out-loud moment!