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Givens Castle...One of the most haunted sites on the South Side of Chicago is the Beverly Unitarian Church or “The Castle.” The Castle is located on 103rd and Longwood in the Beverly neighborhood of Chicago. Robert Givens, a successful real estate developer turned author, built the Castle in 1886 and requested that it be modeled after the ancient estates in his native Ireland. Some people say that Givens built the house as a gift for his fiance who died before the house was finished.


The Midway Gardens, Frank Lloyd Wright, architect | Chicago, Illinois | The Midway Gardens was a European style beer garden and concert venue built in the Hyde Park neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago in 1914, demolished 1929. The sculptors Richard Bock and Alfonso Iannelli collaborated with Wright on the famous “sprite” sculptures mounted atop the Garden's walls.


The Rookery in Chicago. Originally designed and built by Burnham and Root and the lobby remodeled by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1905. The right side of that right column shown in the picture is open to see the original darker design.