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Australian Frill-necked Lizard (Chlamydosaurus kingii)

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Types of Lizards

Old-Man Lizard aka Casque-Head Lizard aka Hernandez's Helmeted Basilisk (Corytophanes Hernadezi) - Belize - Source: Kristiina Hurme

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21 Ridiculously Photogenic Animals [PICS]

Yes, she's very pretty. At least it looks like a "she." Ridiculously Photogenic Lizard. So pretty, but Kinda scary.

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PETER (A1842578) I am a male black and white Terrier. The shelter staff think I am about 2 years old and I weigh 59 pounds. I was found as a stray and I may be available for adoption on 01/09/2017. —: Miami Dade Animal Services Pet Adoption and Protection Center.

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Herrerasaurus was one of the earliest dinosaurs. Its name means "Herrera's lizard", after the rancher who discovered the first specimen. All known fossils of this carnivore have been discovered in rocks of Carnian age (late Triassic according to the ICS, dated to 231.4 million years ago) in northwestern Argentina.The type species, Herrerasaurus ischigualastensis, was described by Osvaldo Reig in 1963 and is the only species assigned to the genus. Ischisaurus and Frenguellisaurus are synonyms

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The frilled-neck lizard (Chlamydosaurus kingii), also known as the frilled lizard or frilled dragon, is a type of lizard that is found mainly in northern Australia and southern New Guinea. This species is the only member of the genus Chlamydosaurus. Its name comes from the large frill around its neck, which usually stays folded against the lizard's body.

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Uromastyx - Spiky-Tailed Flat, Muscular Desert-Dweller

I miss my Izzy... Spiny Tailed Lizards (Uromastyx) are primarily herbivorous, but occasionally eat insects, especially when young. They spend most of their waking hours basking in the sun, hiding in underground chambers at daytime or when danger appears. They tend to establish themselves in hilly, rocky areas with good shelter and accessible vegetation.

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Fire Skink * - Also Fernand's fire skink or True fire skink; a type of lizard native to tropical forests in Western Africa. These beautiful skinks are rather large, reaching up to 15 in (37 cm) in total length. Though shy and reclusive, they may grow to become tame in captivity. They are diurnal and love to burrow -

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