Liz Murray Sister | You might say Liz Murray didn't know any better. Having grown up in ...

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Liz Murray didn't let her economic status stop her from achieving passion against odds.

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To be born into a difficult circumstance is not a life sentence if you can recognize that through education and knowledge one an rise out of such. Liz Murray did just that she used the knowledge she had to obtain an education so she could have the life she deserves to have.

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Liz Murray: 'My parents were desperate drug addicts. I'm a Harvard graduate' | US news | The Guardian

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Elizabeth "Liz" Murray was born September 23, 1980 the Bronx, New York, to poor, drug-addicted, HIV-infected parents. She became homeless just after she turned 15, when her mother died of AIDS, and her father moved to a homeless shelter. Murray's life turned around when she began attending the Humanities Preparatory Academy in Chelsea, Manhattan. She continued her education at Harvard.

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Your potential in this world is timeless! Liz Murray - For the Love of Possibility (TEDxYouth)

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