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Top 10 Things to Cheer Up Housekeeping

Sometimes its best just to shut the world out and immerse yourself in the music! ♫♪

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The Last Guardian is finally out! Only took 9 or so years. So I mad a fan art. This is my attempt at being le fancy pants artiste de watercolour...still figuring things out but loving the process! I live streamed it on a copyright notice about the music so I deleted the audio-last I saw it said 'edits processing' so I'm not sure you can even watch. Plus it suffered from poor frame rate issues kinda like this game I hear? YouTube name is Joverine Snaktsnakt ...I think..if not…

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mrs. potato head, is it true that pain is beauty? ♥︎

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How are musicians and songwriters compensated when their music is played on the radio, sold on digital platforms, webcast or streamed on interactive services?

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The wakening birds will sing for us in the woods wind-shaken, And the solitude of the hills will be broken by hymns to the light, As we sweep past drowsing hamlets, still feathered by dreams of slumber, And leave behind us the shadows that fell with the falling of night. L.M. Montgomery

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I’m broadcasting on Watch me now! Sign up on and send me a friend request at ieatcrayronsandglue or kalele348 and then you can see my!!!!!!!!!!

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