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Day 3: Rethinking our intial plans We started the day by going back over the strategy notes from Saturday and seeing what assumptions we made that may not actually be true. This led us to rethink several of the front runner ideas for mechanisms on the robot. We had originally eliminated a ground pickup for the gears but after reevaluating it. We realized that the passive intake from the feeder slot will take up a a lot of room and has the potential to be jammed if any balls get caught in…

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OK, a couple of corrections. Firstly, I've literally just re-read the History of the Quidditch World Cup on Pottermore, so I can confidently say that a win in the international group phase will earn the winning team two points, no matter the score margin. However, substantial margins does earn the winning team bonus points. Secondly, ONLY THE SEEKER IS ALLOWED TO TOUCH THE SNITCH. IT'S IN THE RULE-BOOK. Rules aside, 14 players chasing a barely visible ball is hardly what I'd call exciting…