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Little Theatre Things - ahh yes, my voice instructor was warming me up and I sang a B5 and a C6, and he said I can probably make you a soprano!

once a friend of mine made the audience go "ooooooo" and then one person near me just whispered "shit just got real"

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I realized this right when I saw it and I had a little freak out moment in the theatre. Such a beautiful parallel

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Best feeling ever... Way better than a compliment from someone you know. In DD, this little old lady came up to me raving about how good the show was, how handsome my co lead was, how pretty I was, and everything. She was so sweet.

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Is that my name up on that list Does someone know that I exist Is this a mistake? Am I even Awake? Pinch me now to make sure... OW! Yes that's my name in black and white maybe I'm doing something right

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linssweater: “The accuracy of this hurts a little.. EW 2017 predictions.. ”

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